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Buying a Puppy


Buying a Puppy:

No other word brings a smile to everyone's face quite like 'puppies'. Here at Cheri's Country Canines, puppies are our pride, our joy, and our passion. Sharing happy, healthy puppies with your family is our way of making the world a better place one puppy kiss at a time.


Our bundles of joy come outfitted with our Puppy Starter Package which includes:

  • AKC Registration (breeding rights available with additional fee.)

  • A medical record detailing their shots, wormings, and well puppy vet check-up.

  • Our Comprehensive Health Guarantee.

  • AKC's 30 day pet insurance.

  • First week's worth of food.

  • A leash and collar.

  • And puppy toys for them to chew on!

Pre-purchase checklist:

To purchase a puppy from Cheri's Country Canines we do require the following:

  • You must have researched different breeds and determined that Golden Retrievers are the best fit for you.

Our Goldens typically reach 60-75 lbs in weight when fully grown.

  • You must schedule an in person visit and farm tour with us before the purchase of your puppy can be finalized. Not all breeders are created equal, we want to ensure that we are the right breeder for you.

We unfortunately don't sell puppies to people we've never met. We are willing to deliver your puppy on a case by case basis (for an additional fee), but we refuse to ship our puppies away without first meeting their new owners.

  • You must read through and sign our Comprehensive Health Guarantee.

It is our legal contract for any genetic defects and illnesses. It can be found here.

  • You must provide the contact information that is required by AKC and our Pierce County Commercial Kennel License.

Cheri's Country Canines promises to never sell your information to anyone. We do, however, have to notify these regulatory agencies and maintain transfer records.


All of these requirements can quickly be completed when you come to pick up your puppy.


Your promise to us:

Here at Cheri's Country Canines we are strong believers in quality pet-care, healthy environments, and a lifetime commitment to providing a loving relationship.

As a new pet owner you must promise to:

  • Have considered adoption as the first option. (There are many pets out there that need homes. Please adopt if you can.)

  • Puppy-Proof your home and provide a safe place for your dog.

  • Devote the time and attention your new puppy will need from their human(s).

  • Ensure that your puppy is consuming a healthy diet.

  • Continue quality vet care and vaccinations.

  • Remember that training and bonding with your dog is a lifelong process. Consider achieving the Canine Good Citizen Certification.

  • Be smarter than your dog. Golden Retrievers are intelligent and will test boundaries often in their first few years. Terrible twos are inevitable. Your new pup will likely leave bite marks in at least three things you own.

If for any reason you are unable to keep your dog please notify Cheri's Country Canines first and allow us to re-home your dog with one of the families on our waiting list.

Ultimately the best person to know if now is the right time to add a new member to your family is you. 


Royalty in the Making:

We're accepting deposits
for our future litter(s):

Call or Text (509)-681-0662
or visit our
Facebook page
to learn more.

* Our deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to future litters. *
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